Biocultural Design is a design studio that develops Landscape projects by reading and exploring the unrecognized potential of places and translating that knowledge into proposals.

We take projects from the initial on-site consultation right through the design process, working alongside our trusted partners and collaborators. With our expertise in landscape design and master planning, we provide our mana’o (counsel) and embrace projects of diverse scales and complexities, adaptable to rural and urban environments. Our foremost philosophy lies in contextual fit, harmony, and community involvement to drive problem-solving initiatives.

on-site consultation

From property evaluation to site consultation and project development, we help clients - and their land base - move towards greater health, resiliency, and regeneration.

Our process begins with a deep understanding of the unique context and characteristics of each project. Through comprehensive field research and meaningful stakeholder dialogue, we identify needs, desires, and aspirations. We dedicate substantial time on-site, employing contemporary tools to aid in site analysis, terrain modeling, ecological assessment, and the assessment of species and materials. This meticulous approach builds a foundation and informs the direction of our design process.

land planning and design

Strategic land development begins with a thorough working master plan that activates goals and examines land use from multiple perspectives.

We believe context and place matter. Drawing inspiration from Hawaii's rich landscape heritage and cultural identity. Our purpose-driven approach employs cutting-edge CAD and 3D modeling tools to craft harmonious environments that blend beauty and function. We create landscapes built for longevity and adaptability, meticulously constructed with locally sourced natural materials, avoiding anything that may look or feel artificial. Our comprehensive plans serve as a roadmap, bringing your landscape to life on paper before implementation.

our focus

Property Selection & Evaluation
Conservation Agriculture
Ecologic Restoration
Community & Recreation
Green Infrastructure
Master Planning