Biocultural Design is a design studio that develops Landscape projects by reading and exploring the unrecognized, often forgotten, potential of places and translating that knowledge into proposals.

With expertise in landscape design and master planning, we provide our mana’o (counsel) and embrace projects of diverse scales and complexities, adaptable to rural and urban environments. Our foremost philosophy lies in contextual fit, harmony, and community involvement to drive problem-solving initiatives.

Our identity is profoundly shaped by the richness of our past. Biocultural Design’s approach ensures that every project undertaken maintains a tangible connection to that landscape heritage, serving both to remind and inspire us.

Our work focuses on documenting historical landscapes and applying that knowledge to contextual landscape design projects. As a small but growing practice, we adhere to this belief and ethos in all the projects we choose to take on. We guide projects from the initial on-site consultation through the entire design process.

Our focus includes:
Property Selection & Evaluation
Design & Master Planning
Sustainable Homestead Development
Food Systems & Orchards
Historic Landscape Documentation
Traditional Lo’i Restoration